Sep 26, 2016

Hold On Let Go

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Good morning Father! Hold on, Let Go? Which should you do, you may ask? Should I hold on, or should I let go, You do both. It sounds tricky. Here's the goal. You hold on to what you believe in , while letting go of the results of outcomes. Outcomes are my job, incomes are my job. Believe in the outcome I have planned for you you not in the income you desire. If you have faith in the outcome I have for you, the income will match up with the desired out come that is best. Rest in my plan, wear the doubt like a loose garment that can be changed at any time.Know with confidence I have your outcome, and will always provide the income to meet your needs. Love God!

Sep 25, 2016

Grab The Coattails

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Good morning Father! Grab The Coat tails? I have no idea where this is going. She told him it was over, he was shocked. Nothing has changed, he thought. Twist and turns, ups and downs happened in life, that's life. Sometimes you just have to find something the storm has  to hold onto until the storm has passed. Hold onto my coattails, I will pull you through . Love God!

Sep 24, 2016

Pauls Thorn

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Good morning Father! So, a friend asked what was the thorn in Paul's side, and was it removed? I get asked that all of the time. It seems like this is a prime example of my children worrying about someone else's thorn instead of their own. His thorn was the same thorn everyone else has. It may be something you can identify with, if not start back at the cross, and begin your journey afresh. Remember their are thorns on the most beautiful of roses, and there will always be. Take the thorns from the rose , and it wouldn't be a rose. Love God!

Sep 23, 2016


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Good morning Father! Motivated? Ready to wake up and run? Tired, stop. Feeling great? On top of the world? Got everything you need? No doubts? Wealthy? Got love in your heart?I hope your at leat close to all of these feelings but not one hundred percent of any. You see reality does not allow for one hundred percenters. The world is cruel, and it will always rub off some of the mustard. Be a ten percenter, and I fill in the rest. All you have to do is trust me , and you will be amazed! Love God!