Aug 29, 2016

Can We See Jesus

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Good morning Father!A friend asked, why no one recognized Jesus on the road to Emmaus, even though they had seen him before? This was a time when people we're confused. Even though they had been with Jesus, they did not understand completely why he allowed himself to be crucified. The tablets written we're not exhaustive to the point of explaining the answers to all questions. That was for a reason, and the reason being was for you to ask questions of me. The reason they did not recognize him is, their faith was not complete, and their thinking was still of the world . Would you recognize him if you saw him? Look at how you live, where do you see him in your life, is he hard to see, if so, work on your relationship with him. Love God!

Aug 28, 2016

Day Dreaming

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Good morning Father! Day dreaming? What's the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Now that you've answered that , you have a good hint of what will be driving you for the rest of the day. Could it be your priorities have been taken over by day dreaming. If so I have a method to help. Try squashing your finger with a hammer. Not really, it 's not that extreme. Try thinking of me first, with conviction, not in a day dream, and you will be amazed! Love God!

Aug 27, 2016

Does God Like Football

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Good morning God! Do you like football? Now that's a tricky question. At times I enjoy a game. You see it's a little different for me, I have an investment in all of the teams. For me to say I don't like football, would be like saying I don't like my children to have fun. I like fun, and I want you to have more of it. You have to know I have a press box at every game. I'm the best odds maker you will ever meet. Love God!

Aug 26, 2016

Clean Air

Good morning Father! Clean Air? Have you ever tried to breath in smog, pollen filled air, or pollution from a factory? It's truly disgusting, and can make you very sick. That;s the same way it is when you breath in the pollution of the signals the world puts out. Try some thing fresh. Breath in my word , and exhale something fresh for everyone around you to breath in. Love God!