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Feb 27, 2017

Museum Of Burnt Food

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Good morning Father! There is a time for everything. What time do you have? Could it be you need to rewind i,t and set it on God time. There's no doubt the kitchen is full, and the cook is ready, but the timer isn't set on the right setting. Are You cooking at the right time. Could it be your recipe is right, but your timer isn't working right. Is all your stuff coming out half baked? Put this down, time is the essence of a well cooked meal, If it's not cooked , and taken out of the oven precisely when it's done it will either be undercooked or burned. Want to know the right time for your ingredients? Put the food in the oven, and I will let you know when to take it out. Love God!

Feb 26, 2017

Good Grief

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Good morning Father! Good grief! What? Good grief. I don't get it. Yes their is good grief. The fallen world as you know it is full of many kinds of distracting episodes of grief. You can take one of death , and it can embolize and change a person like nothing else. Or you can look at loss of finances another biggy. Maybe it's grief is grief no matter what form it may take? Try this on for size. All grief is good grief. It's what you do with your grief that matters. If you want to see all of your grief become good grief then listen carefully. Grief can be a real character builder or a character destroyer. Putting your grief in the right place is the difference. It must be laid solidly into my hands in order to know it's destination. Remember this, all destinations must be traveled too, in order to reach them. Travel the road of grief knowing I am their to walk with you to your destination, you are not alone. See you at good grief,. Love God!

Feb 25, 2017

Slip And Slide

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Good morning Father! Slip and slide, roll and tumble. That's the dance. The dance of life. Go look at yourself in the mirror and say slip and slide. Really do it before you read anymore. Did you just tell yourself to slip and slide. You see you don't need a mirror to give your self messages. Now try this go to the mirror and say, God Loves me, Stand there for two minutes.Did you do it. I bet you didn't. If you did most likely it wasn't the entire two minutes. That's okay. Is it that hard to bask in the fact that God Loves you? Not only to I want you to bask, I want you to dive in head first, and drown in my love for you. Love God!

Feb 24, 2017


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Good morning Father! Guess who's coming to dinner? No, really ,  guess. Have you invited someone? If not, why? There's lots of food, why not share it? Not the worldly food, nor from aliens or something mystical. But a food so awesome  to the point you will never go hungry again. The taste is so sweet , and filling. It's a food that will propel you, grow you, continually giving until your pantry overflows. Like nothing else you have ever experienced. You can pick it up at Godmart. I will be your checkout clerk Your final bill will amaze you. It's free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love God!

Feb 23, 2017

The Happy Team

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Good morning Father! Yes there are days you don't feel so good. Yes there are days you can't focus. Even nights you just toss , and turn. Why can't every day be perfect. Every day is perfect, it's what is poured into it that interrupts the beauty. All of a sudden you just want to roll over and die, Yep everyone feels that way from time to time. Remember feelings are your choice. I gave them to you to do as you please. So why not begin thinking about feeling good when your down, up when your low, and happy when your sad. It's your choice. Although it may seem impossible, it is, on your own. Join the happy team and we can do this thing together. Love God!

Feb 22, 2017

Humble Pie

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Good morning Father! To state that you have a humble attitude is a misnomer. To recognize your own humility is to recognize self. Humility is not a place you visit, it a state of existence that is only recognized by the spirit, and is veiled from the ego. To recognize your humility is only to identify your fragile ego still crying to be heard. Take this test; bite off a big piece of cake then spit it out. That's the same as riding the humility trail through the eyes of your ego. The taste is there , then it's gone. Just love. Love God!

Feb 21, 2017

Loneliness Cure

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Good morning Father! So many people are lonely these days, why is that and is there a cure. Loneliness is a black horse ridden by a headless ghost. I don't get it? It's like this, the ghost of loneliness is a sovereign  rider. Now I am confused. What's the hardest thing to do in the morning? Wake up. Let's start there. Pretend your the headless rider,. Now ask yourself where your going. The answer should be , I don't know, I've lost my head. Now put a head on the rider. You should have an answer now. In other words keep your head and focus on your direction , and your goal, not your self. This is the cure. Love God! Oh yea if you do get lonely call me, I would love to hang out!