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Dec 10, 2016

The Soup Is Cold

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Good morning Father! There's a lot of soup that's gone cold. Once the heat is gone it has lost it's punch. To knock your opponent out you must have some punch. If not he will surly put you down. You have to understand your opponent is training all of the time. When you rest he keeps going. Can you knock your opponent out? No! But there is a way to defeat him. It does not include a punch or any kind of violence. He hit the matt from the beginning, and was knocked out at the bell by the cross. He's down for the count. When he swings he is hitting air. If he gets up and attacks all you have to do is stay in your corner, and I will give you the championship belt. Remember you are the winner, he is the loser, and I call the fight. Love God!

Dec 9, 2016

Follow The Leader

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Good morning Father! Once upon a time there was a place far far away. No one could get to this place because it was unreachable. They tried and tried , but continued to fail. They worked very hard but would fail every time. So the builder of this pace decided to help them get there, and make it available and within reach for everyone. But many didn't believe the owner, and the unbelievers began to attack the owner, they began attacking his family, and eventually attempted to kill his Son. But they failed, and the Son refused to die, no matter how hard they tried , and he survived even through the immense torture. So because of the Son everyone can go to this place far far away, and live happily everafter. All they have to do is believe in, and follow the Son. Love God!

Dec 8, 2016

There is pleasure in money.

money tree: Vector cartoon illustration of a businessman watering a money tree Illustration

Good morning Father! There is pleasure in money. So money is the root to all evil. Wrong the love of money is the root to all evil.Do you need shelter, you need money, do you need food , you need money, do you need a car, you need money, do you need things for your children , you need money. Why do you hate money? Money never did anything to you. You have done it to yourself. The cause of the hate is your on evil desire to deflect the blame from your self imposed idol, or idols. Try replacing your love of money and self with the love of others, and serving. Serving and love equals riches beyond your imagination. Deposit a little love and serving into your spiriyual account and watch it grow exponentially. Love God!

Dec 7, 2016

Gravy On Biscuts?

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Good morning Father! Gravy is good on biscuits. Now why would you put gravy on something that is already delicious. It is pretty simple, to enhance he flavour even more. Now lets put salt on ice cream. Ick, that would be nasty. If you don't flavour the things in your life with the right ingredients you can ruin them. Pouring on flavours  just to change the taste without caution can end up in a sickening result. As you learn how to season the things in your life with the write stuff you will begin to learn he importance of the right ingredients and the effect they will have. I have a spice rack full of the perfect spices to give your life the flavour of perfection, to the point you will say, oh, that taste so good! Love God! 

Dec 5, 2016

Beach Balls and Funeral Homes

Image result for pics of beach balls and funeral homes AND Image result for PICS OF FUNERAL HOMES

BEACH BALLS AND FUNERAL HOMES - Jeff Raught Copyright July 2015

My sister reminded me recently that our Dad had worked in a beach ball factory. I also knew that he worked as a mortician. But what I did not know, was that the funeral home he worked for, owned the beach ball factory. One was located right across the street from the other. Depending on how business was going at one place, would determine where he would spend his day. I suppose it might seem they had no connection at all. Certainly a very different frame of mind.
I can only imagine shifting mental and emotional gears each day wondering what needed to be done. Some days he needed to say help people say goodbye and other days, well, he was building beach balls. The beach ball, each panel attached to the next until the circle is complete. Then sealed and filled with air. Tap it gently and it will move. Not unlike, I suppose what he did across the street as he helped people complete the circle and move. It is another little God nudge that unrelated things connect us when we least expect it, even when we don't see it. I often marvel at how much one thing teaches about something else. Sometimes we lean back to what we have experienced. And sometimes we lean forward to what we don't yet see.

Circles created from beach balls, funeral homes......and life.

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The Dawn OF Man

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Good morning Father! Lips move. ships sink, and the sky gets dark. There's no need to get crazy with what this means because it is already crazy. Meaning, the dawn is the beginning of the last time man seeked peace un interrupted. Without a reference point there would be no understanding of where we came from. A Reference point was created to show you where you began. What is your reference point , is it at the beginning or the end. Go back to the garden, get a rake and clean up the leaves. Now that the leaves are gone you can see the true nakedness of mankind.You can't hide the dawn no more than you can denie the fall. While you fall I will catch you. Watch the Son rise at the dawn , and man fall at the garden. Plant a new garden with me. Love God!

Dec 4, 2016

What's Wrong With Me

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Good morning Father! What's wrong with me. It seems that everyone is asking, what's wrong with me , from time to time. It's simple everyone one is crazy! Just kidding!!!!!! No , there's no crazy here. It's just a part of the human condition, and you may ask what is that condition? Well it's actually quite simple. There's a self created flaw called insecurity. This condition is caused by the verbiage that rings out through the media, your friends, and a unquenched fire of  desire that's burning inside , driven by all the hyperbole from self talk ,and the need for more. The simple answer is lack of gratefulness, or the state of being unsatisfied. There'a a simple fix , if you want to try it. Believe in your faith in me. How do I get there you might ask. Come to me in silence , and listen then follow these three simple steps. 1.Don't look back, 2. Don't look forward.3.Trust my faithfulness. That should do it, if your sincere. Love God!