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May 29, 2014

I don't Like God

I Don’t Like God!
This morning I responded to something God prompted, “Ok God!  You gave me this title and I really did not want to answer, but you wouldn't let it go.  So, what is this about?”  He replied, “At times in this world there are children playing and children starving all at the same time on planet earth. There are sunny days and days of devastating weather. It’s very hard to grasp how I can be a loving God and allow all this turmoil to happen with a finite mind thinking in the visible.”  God explained, “Remember I live in the invisible. My Son’s sacrifice is a testimony to how much I love all my children. There are things you can’t understand now.  But, if you get to know my Son and his teachings, you will be able to transcend the understanding into a new peace.  Hope and trust that all things are working together for the best of all to complete the canvas I have painted for you.”

“Trust in the love of the invisible, not in what you see and you will be amazed!”  

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