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May 10, 2014



Ok, this should be good; God gave me a word this morning.  I asked Him, “Why slingshot?”
God said, “There are times you feel as if you are not going anywhere and you are stuck in the doldrums of life. This is a common feeling among all of my children. Why would you want to go any other place rather than where you are now?”   I replied, “That’s an odd question, but I guess it’s one of two things for me;  Either boredom, or I’m unhappy where I am and want something better.”  He suggested, “If you take the time to evaluate where you are and seek the truth you will realize you are there for a reason. No matter where you are, trust I am in control and have a place for you beyond your belief.”
“Be thankful for where you are and be excited for where you’re going.
I am your slingshot into the future!”

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  1. Great post Grady ! How've you been? Hope ALL is well for you today. Peace to You, my brother !! !!