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Jul 3, 2014



Screams, this should be a good father. I can’t wait to hear what you say about this. He said to me, the call of the the wild can be an exhilarating lure.When you are alone in your thoughts what are you listening to? In my case , endless chatter. He answered, what do you think the reason for that is? I replied, that’s a tough one, several things, making plans, fear, anger, trying to figure out why everything doesn't go my way all of the time. ETC. 

He said that’s a good start, that’s the call of the wild,what you listen to is what runs your life, start listening for me in the cluster and watch the lion as he begins to tame and his wildly character  morphs into a kitten and his screams become a whisper.

Jul 2, 2014



I know nothing about soccer. God said you don’t have to. Soccer is kind of like lying in bed on a cold winter's night with no heat and the covers want stay on. I replied, I don’t get it. He said you just keep fighting the covers to keep warm only to find yourself fighting again for the same feeling. With soccer you're running up and down the field to get that same feeling again when you get a goal. Life is a lot like soccer, you fight and fight to get a feeling of satisfaction only to find it eludes you once again. 

God said to me, it does not have to be that way, come to me for a satisfaction that sticks even when there are no goals.

Life Is Not Fair

   Life Is not Fair

God I was thinking of how blessed I am, and wondering why. I have led a pretty crazy un Christ like life yet you still bless me beyond my imagination; why is that? God said to me, you are my child and I love you. I love all of my children, I just ask them to spend some time with me and ask for forgiveness when they make mistakes. I love hanging out with my kids. Wanna Hangout?

Jul 1, 2014

INSIDE MUSIC - Episode 1 (Pilot)

Crazy Brain

Crazy Brain

God does everyone have Crazy Brain? Crazy Brain is where your mind takes over with unruly, nutty thoughts. God said to me, yes everyone does, you’re not alone. I said, I wasn’t talking about me. He said sure you were, remember, I am God, I know your thoughts. Then he said, what if I were to take your thoughts and arrange them the way I wanted them? If I did you would no longer be you. I love you, not your perfection. There are times when your thinking is right on, then there are times of unhaltered thinking. 

Think as you may, just remember come to me to get off of the crazy wagon of thinking and you will be amazed!