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Mar 24, 2017

Isle Seven

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Good morning Father! It looks like we had a close call. What do you mean? Could it be you doubted my sovereignty for a minute. Everyone does, let me tell you a little story. There was this guy ,he couldn't get anything right. He kept failing one thing after the other. Then a light came on. He realized he hadn;t been failing at all. He was in training for the great things I have in store for him. You see he was shopping in the wrong isle. Meet you on isle seven. Love God!

Mar 22, 2017

Cloudy Days

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Good morning Father! There appears to be a cloud on the horizon! When It blows your way you can duck , run, stand tall or watch it pass. Look at all of the choices you have. The point is this, no matter which one you choose it's going to blow over no matter your effort. The one  really cool thing is that you can find peace in the clouds. You don't have to share your joy with the rain. I have come to give you joy a, and peace. Don't let the rain take that from you. Trust me when your in the clouds, there's a rainbow on the other side. Love God! 

Mar 21, 2017

Change Is Coming

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 Good morning Father! Let's take a look at the weather. So it appears there is  a front coming in. It looks like a real change is coming.Isn't it interesting how  the weather changes so frequently. Does it recognize it's validity to change. Could it be it knows something you don't. Maybe there are clues. Like a drop in the barometer, or change in the wind , or a difference in temperature. Can you see the parallel in your life to the weather? Don't be afraid of change, even the change will change. There is one thing that will never change, that's my love for you, and you can never change that. Love God!

Mar 20, 2017

The Last Round

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Good Morning Father! It's the eight round, he's down for the count. He tries to get up but he only makes it to his knees. The referee counts to 9, then all of a sudden he rallies to his knees. What got hold of him. He was bleeding bareilly able to walk, yet while bruised, battered and bleeding he got up, and continued to fight. The final bell rings and he is declared the winner. You are a winner and win the final bell rings I will be waiting in your corner to give you your championship belt. Don't ever count yourself out. I created you to win. Love God!

Mar 19, 2017

Broken Hearts

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Good morning Father! God why do hearts get broken?There seems to be a little confusion, hearts don't get broken they get bigger, the pain you feel is growing pains. Often friends family love ones and things are loss. Look at the great opera singers in the world they rehearse endlessly for hours on end to get tp perform only for a few minutes to feel the joy of there growth as a singer. The pain your feeling only last for a short time in order to allow your heart to grow into a bigger and better space I have waiting for you. Let me grow with you through the pain, I can share in it with you. Love God! 

Mar 18, 2017

Dogs And Cats

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Good morning Father! Meow, bark bark. Familiar sounds, but what about this? I'm no good. I ll never be anything, I'm a bad person, no one likes me, or my favorite, God doesn't love me. All familiar sounds, ask yourself which one is the loudest. Could it be your hearing from the wrong person? Could it be that voice in your head saying those bad things is not even you. Do you know what an off and on switch is? If so use it. You have one built in that you can control. Your in control of the power company. Disconnect their service. Love God!

Mar 17, 2017

My Lips Hurt

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Good morning Father! My lips hurt. Well is this the first time. Normally you want feel the effects of the dreaded lip hurtitist until later in the progression of the disease. Some of the earliest symptoms are things like no friends, broken relationships, bad business decisions. terrible investments, and so on. It later progresses into anger, fear shame guilt, as well as lack of trust for others. Then in the latter stages it comes in the form of sickness,  physiological issues, psychological manifestations , separation from God , and then premature death.  I have a prescription, the dose recommendation is to listen as needed, and for accute situations listen some more. Love God!

Mar 16, 2017

New List

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1. Take time to play 

2. Enjoy a fresh breath

3. Don't fight a challenge

4. Keep your peace

5. Don't sell out to the world

6. Watch children play

7. Blindfold your view of others

8. Don't count mistakes, yours or others

9. Give more

10. Pray Pray Pray

Mar 15, 2017

Tear Bucket

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Good morning Father! How come there are so many tears in this world? It 's pretty awesome in fact, that tears are a conduit for extended love to be caught in a single drop of emotion followed by a type of healing that can happen no other way. Tears are followed by intense completeness of the caring kind. The caring is caught through the action of tears by bringing forth a type of passion of the heavenly variety. Don't hold the tears in a corral, allow them to find their place so they can do their work. Let your tears do their job, and yours will be easier. Love God!

Mar 14, 2017


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Good morning Father! It looks like rain. Wonder how long it will last? Until it stops. Ha Ha! Gotcha! You see things really aren't as complicated as you may believe. Actually they are very simple if you trust the process, and not try to mold it into your image. I have this thing called faith that will deliver you from the anxiety of prediction. All you have to do is go with the flow, trust the process, and know that your hope is alive, and will cure the desire to worry. Give me a chance? Love God!

Mar 13, 2017

Clogged Sink

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Good morning Father! Did you know people can change their minds. Yes it's true. They can trade the old one in for a newer improved model. You may be thinking that's preposterous. Don't jump so fast. Does your thinking ever get funky? Of course it does. You may need first, some brain cleaner. Say what? Yes, some brain cleaner. It's just like the strainer in your sink. You have to dump it out so clean water can flow threw, and nasty garbage doesn't flow threw and back up your sink. Think of your mind as a sink, and the world as a clogging agent. Get rid of the old garbage. I have a special on strainers this week. Love God!

Mar 12, 2017

Dinner Time

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Good morning Father! Looks who's coming to dinner. The meal is prepared , the table is set. Now it's time for the guest to arrive. Where is everyone? Why aren't they showing up. The meal is awesome, and it;s free. Turns out they got busy doing more important stuff. What a disappointment , free food for everyone but no takers. Would you come if you we're invited? I have a meal prepared for you where you will never be hungry again. Doors are open , come on in? Love God!

Mar 11, 2017

Love Yep

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Good Morning Father! Yep.Yep what? Just yep. My answer is always yep. I Really never say no. You see I answer all of your prayers with , (yep). No isn't in my vocabulary. Your probably thinking this isn't right, and that all of your prayers aren't answered. Wrong, they are. What you don't see is what you pray for and how harmful it can sometimes be. There's no need for second guessing me. I already knew the question answer, and the result before you prayed. The thing is my answer is always yep with the understanding that it is always what's best for you. Get that, and you'll get this: a love yep. Love God!

Mar 10, 2017

Broken Fence

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Good morning Father! Yes it's friday. Thank God. That's cool. Thank you for not calling the police on your neighbor. He could have cut that tree down before it fell on your fence. Thank God he didn't shoot you for calling his son a brat. Thank God your lights were not turned off when you were low on funds. Thank God you have a job. Thank God you have food. Do you see the common thread here. If you do thank God. Buy your self a gift then share it, and thank God. Love God!

Mar 9, 2017

Father Love

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Good Morning Father! To feel the love of your children is far beyond the realms of understanding of feelings. Love to my children is easy for me, however when my children reciprocate it is the greatest thing in the universe. As magnificent as the universe appears it's only a drop in the bucket to the enormity of love. You will know I am there when you feel  the exchange of love. The greatest thing is , and will always be love. Nothing compares. I am love, even the love in you.Walk the trail of love with me and see the stars shadow under my presence. Love God!

Mar 8, 2017

The Sled

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Guest Blogger Jeff Raught 
A slightly rusted sled filled with pockmarks of the life it has seen, of the runs it has already taken. Not unlike the ride you are embarking on as a Dad. So what might you look for? What can you expect to find?
You will find yourself taking hold of the rope and pulling the sled behind you. A deliberate walk that leads to the top. There you will pause and with a catching of your breath….. get a running start, hop on and ride it out with reckless abandon…. only to discover “Uh oh, I’m going too fast.
But you are not alone, there is much that accompanies you. Sounds of the snow and ice against the metal edges. The feel of every cragged bump beneath you.Cold air getting colder the faster you go. Dragging your feet when you desperately need to slow down. “Sprag...sprag!”

I was intentional about not restoring this sled to pristine condition. Rust, scratches and even scars in the wood remain. Still, some things need attention. You will find as a Dad, yet still a husband, they often do. A new rope knotted into place. Runners sanded,waxed and polished. Once, twice and even more,building up each hazy coat like a layer of prayer. You can still see the marks clearly, yet softened with time.
When you become a Dad you don’t enter in as the newborn child does. You have rust. You yourself have marks of the life you have already remembered and lived. They are not flaws, but little ways of showing you that it is not about perfection, but more about loving in ways you never fathomed.

My hope is that the gift of the sled is a reminder that some things get put away for a season, yet are not forgotten. It is how we learn to navigate those countless runs down a familiar hill and, just maybe what teaches us about the new ones unseen ahead. Being a Dad is indeed about things set aside, and then brought out again. To be sanded…...waxed….with yet another layer.

It is something a Dad learns to do...for the rest…of his life.

Written for Ed Raught as he looks toward becoming a Dad - January 2017 Jeff Raught